Admin control panel

We've streamlined admin controls to make it even easier to run your event!

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The new admin control panel is located in the bar at the top of the screen:

From there, you can change between the different modes. (Learn more about Gatherly's modes in this article.)

Advanced Controls

Toggle waiting room

You can change the settings for the waiting room of your event after it's already live. You can learn more about the waiting room settings in this article.

Enable/Disable elevators

Similar to enabling and disabling elevators from the Sessions feature, even without sessions, admins can enable and disable elevators through the admin control panel.

Move to floor

Similar to moving to a floor with the Sessions feature, even without sessions, admins can bring everyone at the event to a specific floor. However, the floor must already be set up and exist in the event (they cannot be edited live during an event).

Extend event

Up until 1 minute before your event is scheduled to end, you can extend the event to end later. You cannot extend the event such that the new total length of the event exceeds the limit on your account.

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