Gatherly's different modes

Learn about how Gatherly's Broadcast, Map, and Group Call modes work

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Gatherly has 3 modes for users to take advantage of: Broadcast, Map, and Group Call.

Group Call (New!)

Group Call mode is a Zoom-style video conference. It's great for team events and smaller events where you'd like everyone to be on the same call. The maximum capacity of a Group Call is 100, so if there are more than 100 users at your event, you won't be able to use the Group Call.

While a Group Call is active, there will be a waiting room that you can have new users join. Admins will be able to add users from the waiting room and remove users from the call (and send them to the waiting room).

Admins can also specify, when starting the Group Call, who can screenshare or start whiteboards, whether everyone should be muted when the call starts, and whether new users need to wait to be added or join automatically (admins always join automatically):


Broadcast mode is like getting up on stage to deliver a keynote, panel, or announcements. In this mode, event hosts can deliver an engaging keynote address or panel discussion. Admins can add and remove users from the broadcast, and they can also manage speakers through the backstage (where speakers can chat but aren't visible to the audience yet). Some resources for learning more about Broadcast:


Map mode features spatial video chat, where users can walk around a virtual room by clicking on the Map in the top-right corner of the Gatherly platform.

When two or more users are in the same spot on the Map, they will automatically form a huddle (a video chat). There can be any number of huddles on the Map, and each huddle can have up to 20 users.

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