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How can I record a broadcast on Gatherly?
How can I record a broadcast on Gatherly?
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Gatherly hosts can record broadcasts on the platform. Recorded broadcasts are then available via the host account portal. Follow the steps below for details!

Note: The broadcast recording feature is currently in beta.

How to record a broadcast

First, click the "Start broadcasting" button in the top right of your screen

Next, select "Yes" for the broadcast recording option in the modal

Once your broadcast starts, it will be recorded! Your audience should see a red dot in the top right to indicate this

How to view and share a broadcast recording

To view and share a broadcast recording, visit the Gatherly account portal (

First, select the desired event once it is over

Next, click the "Media" tab to see a table of the Broadcast Recordings

Here, you'll be able to view all of your recorded broadcasts from the event! Want to download a broadcast? Unlock the permission to do so by contacting us here.

Third party alternatives

Gatherly currently does not support recording huddle conversations. However, 3rd party software can be used. Below are a few recommended solutions:

  • loom for a beginner-friendly screen recorder

  • Apowersoft for another easy-to-use screen recorder

  • OBS for a professional-grade screen recorder

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