What are Sessions?

Take your Agendas to the next level by configuring your Sessions

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Overview of Sessions

Sessions provide a great way to easily organize and manage an event. They are time-blocked parts of the Agenda with specific content and settings. You can provide instructions, topics, icebreakers, and more for each Session.

Length of Sessions

The Session length is a soft limit, meaning you can run over time on a Session or end it early with no problem; Session lengths are set in terms of minutes.

Creating a Description

The description is a great place put content associated with a Session. Examples include:

  • Instructions for an activity

  • Suggested conversation topics

  • Icebreaker questions

Advanced Settings

Sessions can be very simple, but they can also be very powerful. In addition to setting the length and description of a Session, you can also use advanced settings to configure a Session to be in a specific mode, to have elevators be enabled or disabled, and to move everyone at the event to a specific floor.

Mode change

You can select from the Broadcast and Map modes. (Group Call mode is not currently available for Session mode changes.) During an event, if the next Session has a mode change, the admins will be asked to confirm the mode change, even if the Session change settings are set to Automatic.

For Broadcast, only event-wide Broadcasts are an option for Session mode changes. You can learn more about the different modes in this article.

Elevators enabled

Only available in Map mode. When set to true, the elevators in Gatherly allow users to move between floors freely. When set to false, the elevators are disabled, and users cannot change floors. If you set this to false, we highly recommend that you set "Move to a floor" (below) to true. You can learn more about elevators at this link.

Move to a floor

Only available in Map mode. When set to true, you can select a floor that you have set up for your event; when the Session starts, everyone at the event will be moved to that floor, and new users who join the event will start on that floor. You can learn more about floors and how to set them up at this link.

Creating and Editing Sessions

Sessions can be created and edited before the event at account.gatherly.io or during the event via the Agenda sidebar. To learn more about the Agenda, you can check out this article.

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