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How to customize floors for your event on Gatherly (video)
How to customize floors for your event on Gatherly (video)
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Once you have created your Gatherly event, you can easily edit your event space by creating custom maps.

Check out this 3 minute guide on how make custom floors:

Alternatively, you can read the steps below!

Once you're on the Events page, click the event that you want to edit.

Make sure that you're on the "Floors" tab.

To select your map, click on "Edit". This will open the Floor Editor.

Using the Map Editor

From here, you have can choose any combination of:

  1. 30+ Pre-loaded map templates

  2. Custom designed maps

To access our 30+ pre-loaded maps, click on "Open Map Gallery"

Creating custom map templates

  1. First, navigate to this link to access our editable templates.

  2. Choose the slides that are most relevant to your event.

    • Slides 3-12 have pre-designed templates you can edit to your liking. Add your logo or icons to customize them for your event’s activities!

    • Slide 13 has a blank map you can use to create layouts from scratch.

    • Slides 14-16 have icon and object assets you can add to your maps.

  3. Once you are done creating, download each slide with your layout as follows:

    • Click on File in the top left

    • Hover on Downloads

    • Click on JPEG image (.jpg, current slide) or PNG image (.png, current slide)

Now you are ready to upload your custom maps to the Event Customization section of your event!

Best practices for creating your maps

Avatars on the platform are in dark colors, so to make sure you can see them on the map, don’t use dark colors for the map itself.

The map may appear smaller on smaller screens, so make sure your text and graphics big enough to see even when the map is only ~2.5 in wide. We recommend a font size of at least 22.

The top 15% of your first floor should be relatively design-free because this is where users join the event.

Samples of Best Practices

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