What is the Agenda?

How to use Gatherly's new planning and facilitation feature, the Agenda

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A Guide To Using the Agenda In Gatherly

The Agenda is a great way to run events in Gatherly. It provides structure to your event by helping you set-up a variety of Sessions. Moreover, you can put facilitation on auto-pilot with the auto-advance setting, and you can add and customize your sessions on the fly. Not only that, but you can also provide topics and content for each session, as well as change Gatherly's mode and settings with each session.

Setting Up Your Agenda

Using our AI event planner feature, you can generate an Agenda with Sessions and content in under a minute. Log into account.gatherly.io to try it now:

If you want to edit the Agenda (or set it up manually), simply click on your event and navigate to the Agenda tab on the left-hand side of the editing screen:

From there, you'll be able to add your Sessions. These Sessions can be whatever you’d like, ranging from creative activities to team-building sessions or anything else that works for your event.

To learn more about sessions, read this article. You can also edit your Agenda during the event by joining as an admin and clicking the Agenda button in the top bar.

Running the Agenda

The Agenda only starts once an admin clicks "Start Agenda". From there, your first Session will start, and everyone at the event will see a countdown in the Session banner near the top of their screen.

There are two options for how to change sessions: Automatic and Manual. You can toggle between the two via the control panel at the bottom of the lefthand agenda sidebar:

The default, Automatic, means that, after time is up on the current session, the agenda will automatically advance to the next session. If there is a mode, floor, or elevator change involved (you can learn more about those in our Sessions article), admins will be asked to confirm before the session actually changes.

Manual means that, after time is up on your current session, you will need to click the next button to move to the next session. Until you do, the current session will continue and the timer will keep going.

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