Edit booth content during an event

Create a welcome message, add a link, and embed content within your booth

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Editing Booths

The content of booths (the welcome message, button link, and embedded content) can only be edited during an event by either an admin or a booth representative (learn more at "Who can edit booths?").

After joining with a link that can edit a booth, click on the booth and click the edit icon in the banner that appears:

Enter a booth and start editing

In the pop-up, you'll be able to edit the welcome message, insert a button with a link, or embed content:

Editing a booth

For the embedded content, you can paste the a to the content you selected (a YouTube video, website, document, etc.) or you can choose to embed our built-in whiteboard.

Uploading PDFs and Documents

To embed a PDF or document, we recommend uploading it to a file-sharing service and making sure that it is publicly accessible. A good place to do so is Google Drive.

When embedding PDFs uploaded to Google Drive, make sure to use the link obtained from clicking "Embed item..."; the default share link may not work properly:

You'll see a popup with the embed code. To get the embeddable link, copy only the part after src=" up until the next ". The final link should begin with https://drive.google.com and end with /preview. You can see an example highlighted in red below:

Get embed link from embed code (after src=", ending with /preview)

Fun Fact: "src" is an abbreviation for source, so the embeddable link is the "source" for the embedded content! The quotes ("") surrounding it specify where the link starts and where it ends.


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