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Custom livestream specifications for Gatherly
Custom livestream specifications for Gatherly
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Gatherly now allows users to embed external livestreams in their broadcasts! This includes Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube, along with a custom streaming option. These three external services are recommended for most users.

For users that want to embed their own stream in a broadcast (e.g. streaming OBS to an RTMP server and wanting to share the live video with Gatherly attendees), the Custom livestream option may be a better fit. In this case, the broadcasting user can provide an HTTPS URL to the stream.

The user should check that the stream can be iFramed before starting the broadcast and ideally before the event begins.

Make sure the site hosting your stream does not respond with the HTTP/S header X-FRAME-OPTIONS set to DENY or SAMEORIGIN (we recommend omitting the header entirely). For this configuration, please refer to the appropriate documentation for your system.

For more information on X-FRAME-OPTIONS, please refer to this resource.

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