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How can I screenshare a video on Gatherly?
How can I screenshare a video on Gatherly?
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Follow the steps below to screenshare a pre-recorded video, with audio, while in a huddle or a broadcast on Gatherly. This feature is only available on Google Chrome.

Note: if you would like to broadcast a pre-recorded feature, check out this guide instead!

Have the video you want to present open in a Chrome tab

If you want to present a video that is stored locally on your computer, follow this external guide to open the video in a Chrome tab.

Join or start a huddle or broadcast on Gatherly, and click the "Start screen share" button

This guide uses a Youtube video, but the same process can be followed for any video playing service.

In the "Share your screen" menu, choose to share a "Chrome Tab"

Next, select the tab which contains the video that you would like to present.

Finally, check the "Share audio" box, and then click "Share"

This will start your screenshare. You can now control your video from the Chrome tab. Feel free to pause, play, or scrub through the video.

In order to avoid audio feedback, you can mute yourself on Gatherly. Your audience will continue to hear the audio from the video!

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