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Whitelisting the event domain

In order to ensure that users can access a Gatherly event, the following URLs must be whitelisted:


Additionally, any query parameters should be allowed on these URLs as well. For example, the base URL for a Gatherly event (e.g. as well as a version of the URL with query parameters (e.g. should also be accessible.

Whitelisting 3rd party video chat services

Video chat on Gatherly is powered by, Amazon Chime, a 3rd party video chat service provider. To ensure full functionality of Gatherly, network administrators should ensure that Amazon Chime is properly whitelisted.

Chime (source)

If users are reporting issues of not being able to see or hear other users on Gatherly, this may be due to Amazon Chime being blocked.

Please add the following destination domains and the corresponding ports to the firewall whitelist:










Amazon Chime uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and other AWS services on port TCP/443. If your firewall blocks port TCP/443, you must put * on an allow list, or put AWS IP address ranges in the AWS General Reference for the following services:

  • Amazon EC2

  • Amazon CloudFront

  • Amazon Route 53

Questions? Reach out to the Gatherly team directly with a message by clicking the blue chat icon.

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