How to have a test event on Gatherly
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Follow this guide to test your Gatherly event configuration.

Once you're on the Events page, click the event that you want to schedule.

Make sure that you're on the "Event Info" tab.

Next, click the "Duplicate" button for the event that you want to rest out.

Next, fill in the required fields for your test event. Here, you can reserve just a few tickets for yourself and anyone else that will be coming to your test.

Once you click "Submit", a test event will be created for you! It will have the same configuration as the original event.

Gatherly event hosts often use the steps outlined above to test their events ahead of time. This can be particularly helpful for walking through the venue with colleagues to showcase the platform, or to get a clearer idea of what your customizations will look like.

Need extra tickets to set up your test event? Send us a message and we'll help you out! We typically do not charge for tickets used for test events.

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