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Gatherly security details
Gatherly security details
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Video and audio transmission

Gatherly uses 3rd party services, built on WebRTC, for all video and audio transmission. Clients connect to video calls independent of Gatherly's architecture. No one can view audio and video transmitted on the platform.


All Gatherly services are hosted securely on AWS.

Event access

Gatherly events can be optionally password protected by event hosts. When password protection is enabled, attendees will need to submit the correct password to enter the event.

Regardless of password protection, all event Gatherly event links are stored in a secure internal database, hosted on AWS. Links to events are not accessible publicly, but are accessible by the Gatherly team for live support needs.

Event admin controls

Admin links are secured by URL parameters that are unique to each event. The admin link for an event is only accessible to the host via their account, but can be shared with any number of users.

Admin controls allow hosts to perform specific actions, including banning other users at the event based on their IP address.

Account access (hosts only)

Access to Gatherly accounts (used by hosts to set up Gatherly events) is secured via a 3rd party authentication service. Gatherly does not have access to user accounts or account passwords.

Questions? Reach out to the Gatherly team directly with a message by clicking the icon in the bottom right.

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