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Hosting a Gatherly event
Best practices for running a Gatherly event
Best practices for running a Gatherly event
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Having worked with countless event organizers to host thousands of events on Gatherly, we've identified what works when it comes to creating an engaging experience.

Embrace attendee freedom

Unlike webinar-focused events platforms, Gatherly places the emphasis on individual connections. While features such as broadcasting can help to provide necessary structure (more on that later), the core value-add of Gatherly is in natural conversations.

Allow your attendees to mix and mingle with limited constraints! Enjoy the event yourself by walking around and surveying the space or by joining conversations from time to time-- just like you would in real life.

Provide structure to guide interactions

Of course, you don't want your event to turn into a free-for-all. You can determine the structure of the event beforehand via floor and brochure customizations, as well as through communication to invited attendees.

Once the event is underway, make use of broadcasting for opening and closing ceremonies, as well as key announcements. Keep in mind that broadcasting halts all other video conversations amongst your audience.

For a less intrusive way to communicate with attendees, message everyone via the News tab. We've seen this used effectively to communicate timely updates as well as to suggest new topics of conversation.

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