The Gatherly Glossary
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A 2D virtual space to interact with others. You can think of this as different floors of a hotel (welcome lobby, ballroom, conference hall, etc.).


A group video chat conversation, represented by a circle on the map.


Sticking to the hotel analogy, these take you to different floors of an event. Each floor has elevators accessible in the bottom left.


A door that will take you out of the Gatherly event completely. Each floor has an exit accessible in the bottom right.

Brochure / Event Info

This is a PDF document included in every Gatherly event that is often used for schedules, sponsors, or navigational information. Always accessible at the top of your screen.


A floor-wide live video announcement by the host. This is similar to a host taking the stage at an in-person event.

Ticket (hosts only)

The basis for billing and usage tracking for events. Think of these as Gatherly credits. Every unique attendee that comes to an event uses a ticket.

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