What is Gatherly?
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Gatherly is built on the concept of spatial video chat. Just like in person, you can walk around and talk to whoever you'd like. By creating virtual spaces to network and mingle, Gatherly maintains the spontaneity and flow of natural conversations.

Walk in and out of group video calls, send direct messages, broadcast to the room, and much more. With Gatherly, your online event isn't confined to webinars. Engagement takes center stage.

Who is Gatherly for?

Gatherly has been used for thousands of events! The platform has been used by educational institutions, nonprofits, corporations, conference organizers, and community leaders.

Gatherly can be used for many different use cases and is easily customizable. The types of events held on Gatherly range from office holiday parties for dozens to poster fairs for thousands.

Check out the following case studies:

How can I use Gatherly?

Walk through a live demo with a member of our team!

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